How to use Keywords and SEO technique in our article for traffic and adsense revenue?

seo-toolsEvery Webmaster or Blogger dreams to earn more from Google adsense, but most of them are not able to earn as much revenue as they actually deserve and at the same time some get huge adsense revenue, unexpectedly. On the other hand, some bloggers earn revenue as they expect but some of them earn less than they actually expected. These four scenarios result for different blogger in different condition at different regions. Most of them need to understand that there are many scenarios that work simultaneously for raising adsense revenue. To earn more traffic and adsense revenue to their article, one has to learn many things before posting an article along with use or tune nice keywords and better SEO technique in it.

How can we get benefit from Search Engine

Search engine works 365 days, 24/7 a week, and 24 hours per day. Thus, we can clearly say that search engine is always busy in its work with global consumers. Search engines help millions of its visitors for their search and requirement online. Each search engine has its own algorithm for better service. Now, we need to understand how search engine works normally rather than going in deep to know the root cause. Search engine helps you if you help it in furnishing a good article with nice SEO technique and better keywords. Since search engine is not a human that can understand things by logic rather it requires clear information in the form of text or data to support and reply. So, the search engine needs optimized article to understand, crawl, index and save for better search result upon a search request to output.

One needs to understand the processing of Search engine to write article’s summary and title accordingly. So, the question arises, how one can understand the search engine? For this simply type your some requirement in any search engine and see the result. Now edit your query with removing or adding extra keywords to previous query to find the changed results. This way, one can do experiments to under the effects of keywords editing on a search engine.

Keywords and SEO will help your article

The more one inputs keywords the better result he gets. Nowadays, search engine also help users to find intended results. As soon as a user starts typing any keyword as index search, the search engine provides online best possible results using auto-complete facility. So, one can prepare his article based on index search keywords also. Writing article on current events with good SEO and keywords is far better than past events. Based on online search status, one may prepare the articles. The more articles one prepares the more traffic he gains and the more traffic one gains the more adsense revenue possibilities.

Are you looking for assistance and training on how to use Keywords and SEO techniquein our article for traffic and adsense revenue? Then, there are very few people who can guide you on better SEO and well tuned Keywords training, like Tony John at SEO Professor train online SEO course, you can get in touch with Tony for further enquiry.

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    Using the keywords to link back on your website is the most important thing to consider because this will be counted in the increase of the traffic rate of your website. If you’re doing the article posting, it is really important that you have to used proper keyword to link on your website.

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