What is great about simple phones?

Mobile phoneThere is a growing audience within the phone market that wants simplicity from their mobile phone. They are only interested in having a phone that does what they want, without the extra bits that they will never use. For those people who are only ever going to use their phone to ring people or send text messages, having a smart phone is not top of their list of priorities, they would rather discover cheap mobile phones that are easy to use and stick with them. When asked about why she prefers a simpler phone, one woman said:

“I’m not technologically minded. I need a phone with easy to use instructions; I want everything listed in one place. Something where everything is easy and I don’t have to worry that I have accidentally bought something by mistake.”

There are a wide range of handsets available for the less technologically inclined; some specifically aimed at the older generation. For those with decreasing eyesight there are a number of options available in this market. There are larger keypads, to enable the user to see the numbers more clearly; larger screens with more defined lettering and with built in radio functionality, so that if it seems like too much trouble messing around with mp3′s, there is still an option for those who want music on the go.

It wasn’t that long ago that all phones were made this way. Indeed, some of the functions of the new style of basic handset have been kept, despite being removed in the newer, more modern smart phones. The shift towards smart phones was one that in some cases led people to the technology they were looking for; but for others, dragged them along with no choice. So it’s good to know that there is still a range of handsets that allow the user with such specific tastes to get exactly what they want.


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