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With the increasing use of internet in everywhere now a day, it is easy to have information of anything and everything right at your hand. But while using the internet to share the information that you have or to have something from other place, the general downloading limit from such downloading hubs is just 20 MB.

With the demand of more downloading limits coming around from all over the world. The has sorted out this issue. It has enabled its users to download data right from 200MB to as big as 4GB. The same amount of data can be uploaded at a time over this site. The site provides its users with host of new and attractive features which are exclusively available at Here is the list of features about this website.

  • This website provides the best file search engine, which makes it easy as well as convenient for you to have a search for the desired file. You can download PDF, eBooks, music, movies and many more such things from the website. The high quality maintenance of the website makes it a totally hassle free job to download files.

  • You may have faced the regular problem of forgetting the URL for downloading from those various file hosting sites. To solve this problem, has come out by providing the users the ability to have a check at their uploaded and downloaded files through cloud sync. Now you don’t have to fear about losing the data that you have uploaded over the site.

  • Yet another feature of this superb file hosting site is that it has free file directory that is accessible through . If you face some problems while downloading files from the, then you can always visit the free file directory and can download the same with ease. This is designed especially for those with relatively slow internet connection.


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  • raghav

    plz help me – i m not able to download n rather i m receiving limit over….!!!!!!
    will i ever b able to download now….???…..plz plz reply soon……

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