Capture the imagination of readers by trying these psychological tips

People are indifferent by nature and if they have too many things before them, they are supposed to overlook something important just like your awesome post. Yeah, it is hard to accept but sometimes, despite all your honest efforts, you will find that articles with highly promotional and thin content are having all the attention, and your posts despite working hard on them are left untouched. This is just wastage of honest effort but wait, have you ever tried to gauge the reasons why general visitors are avoiding your posts like plague. Probably you have not since you did not get the time or you are just too engrossed with the conspiracy theory. But let’s face the truth, your blog despite having all the greatness incorporated has some glaring issues and majority of them are related to promotional problems.
capture-imagination-quoteSo it all boils down to one thing – engagement. Now, you do not have to make dramatic changes in the writing style nor you have to do a copy-writing course. There are some Psychological tricks involves that you need to try to grab the attention of the readers. Let find out how that can be done:

Make The Title Eye candy: yah, do not need to make the title different just for sake of cooking up controversies unnecessarily. This is an old tactic and since readers are getting smarter these days, it may fall flat on this ground. So, it means, you have to go extra mile to make your post. Try to come up with title that is eye candy. For say a title like – “5 ways to make your posts stand post” may fail to curry favor with the targeted audience. Rather you can try an eye candy title like this –

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Hot and Happening Like James Bond

Does it look nice? I am not sure though.

Make the readers Curious: Rather than using a controversial title, you can use one that will increase curiosity of the readers. A curious buyer is the most vulnerable of its kind and there are greater chances of getting him converted into your customer. So, take extra measures to add some curious elements in your blog post. For say the aforementioned topic, you can use this title:

Wondering why your blog is not hit among targeted reader? This is why.

This will increase curiosity of the readers and they are in most likelihood read the post, at least the first few paragraphs to have an idea what you have to say.

Make The Title Sounds Good to Ear: Yah, it must sound good to ear. You should not use a title that sound too much technical or extremely unfamiliar. Rather than going for an extremely complex and techie title, you should make it short, simple and suave. Make sure the title can be understood by a layman as well. Example:

5 ways to see a huge drop in bounce rate in Google Analytics

Now this title may appear super impressive to tech savvy readers but the same does not hold true with non-technical folk. They may find the title overwhelmingly difficult.

So, the best suggestion is to go for a title that appeal to reader rather than tricking them into reading something that they are not interested at all.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and he is currently associated with MotoCMS that has the vast repository of flash themes

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