Social Media and PR: why to emphasis on collaborations?

social-media-boardPR has always been regarded as one of the vital part of any organization. It is needless to say that PR people have in-depth understanding about the value of good branding of company and products. Moreover, now a day’s, the emergence of social media and its gaining popularity has made ways of organizations to mark their presence on various social media platforms. A number of organizations still do not have confidence in the theory of having presence of social media. PR (public relation) has been redefined with the growing popularity of SMS (social media sites) like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here, we will discuss why it is important to have collaboration between social media and PR.

Building up of PR and Social Media collaboration

PR is needed because every company is linked with people in some way or the other; either as a community stakeholder or an employer. A company is connected with another company and masses of people via the products or services it offers. Every big organization hosts a charitable event, stands for a cause or puts forward an issue that involves people. These are the instances that offer great scope for creation of healthy partnership with social media contents based on effective PR.

PR strengthens relationships

PR must be treated as indispensable factors for the success of a company. It must be given an impression that the audience for your business that are created by PR and social media engagements it has built up are of immense value. In order to harness the advantages of PR and social media partnership, it is also crucial to create skilled measures for the team of social media executives inside your partner organization. These measures will help you to extract the positive news about your company and other such factors that need promotion.

You can also seek the advice of experienced PR professionals to adopt an effective process to make your content more interesting and relevant for your target audiences and followers. Further, you can also enter into promotional activities of the web activities of others through the various sites of social media.

According to experts, it is a great practice to exhibit your viewer things that occur behind the scene. Whatever may be the nature of your business; car manufacturing, interior decoration or cake manufacturing, give your customers an opportunity to take a tour of the manufacturing process. Asking for customer comments and feedback has another benefit as well. It shapes your content exactly in the way that appears convenient and advantageous for them.

Creating PR for a cause

PR is something that determines the performance of your organization and the impact it will have on its target followers. Actually PR acts as a bridge between people and organization and circulates positive feedback to the both the ends.

A number of companies take up social causes as a major tool to get media attention. But, the expert PRs suggest that creating a healthy interaction with already established philanthropic organization is more beneficial. It gets greater traffic attention. You can post images and videos in your social media and ask your web team to create your share link with them. Hence, every time your posts are shared with other websites, a link bearing your credit will also follow. Consequently, you will earn attribution and the value of creating all these posts and supporting a social cause will ultimately get directed towards your own company.

Another thing is also vital to keep in mind while creating PR on social circle. Every update, video and image that you create in an external social media must always bear pingbacks and tags. This will ensure that your efforts will get projected well. Added to it, you will also be able to keep up with the comments and reactions of those who attend your stuffs, thereby creating a responsive session. Eventually, it will lead to the creation of a discussion board and community on a particular issue.

This will ultimately elucidate the relevancy of your collaboration for the cause. You are actually letting the traffic understand why you are taking part in the discussion of that social issue and how will it determine your future on your company blog. So, it is needless to mention that this effective PR with social media platforms will be profitable for your business in days to come.

Author Bio: Alyssa Clarke is a freelance blogger who loves writing. She has a specialization in marketing, SEO and social media topics. When she is not writing she loves to browse through her favourite websites which comprises of Bornrich and Styleguru, which she also happens to work for. She is a social media addict and can be actively found on twitter @alyssagclarke.

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