Most Desired Features Users Want In iPhone5

Right now, the most talked on topic among gadget lovers is about the upcoming iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is going to be launched by Apple in the month of October. The Operating System of this hardware is the iOS 6, which has a probable release date just a few months earlier to the hardware launching date. This upcoming software has indeed attracted the attention of the technophiles. Everyone is looking forward for release of iPhone5 and the new iOS. Everyone who loves iPhone5 expecting some new, exciting features that it will provide to its users.

Technophiles have in fact created a wish list of features that this new iPhone5 will offer. Among these includes-


Nowadays, multitasking not only means the running of more than one application at once. We expect that the iPhone5 allows us to run more than one application at the same time and on the same screen at once, then it will be a good example of modern day multitasking.

Clear Notifications easily

In previous Apple OS, we could clear notifications by tapping the small cross, which was rather difficult when we handled the phone using one hand. The iPhone5 is expected to have a feature which would easily allow us to clear notifications by just swapping it towards a particular direction.


Widgets in android phones is very user-friendly. In fact, one who is used to android phones would wish that there is more number of widgets available on the home screen that were not limited as in the previous iOS. A user would wish that widgets that could be installed via third party applications like Tweetbot and Google Voice are offered by the iPhone5.

Facebook Integration

Earlier iOS 5 had Twitter Integration which allowed users to post and share photos even when the application is closed. With the growing craze of social networking among people, almost every user has a Facebook profile and they would wish to have a Facebook integrated iPhone5.

Easy Access

We hope to have a settings tool as well which would allow us to quickly access WiFi and Bluetooth unlike in the previous Apple OS where we had to tap a lot to access the same, which is not very pleasant.

Contact App

We hope to have an improved and more advanced version of contact app which will have place even for the images of our contacts in the contacts grid layout. The contact photos can be pulled down from Facebook and Twitter matching the number in the contact list.

Sound Profile

It is always easier when our phone does the job for us. We are not always at home and not always at work, loud ringtones at work is always unwanted, and we always have to shift the sound profiles accordingly. If the iOS 6 offers an easier way by which the phone by itself would sense our location and shift to a more appropriate sound profile, it will make our days’ work much easier.


Compared to previous SIRI software in iOS 5, we expect that iOS 6 brings with it an improved version of the software which will allow us to get sport news and play music in addition to calling and texting.

App Update

We always want our apps to remain up to date, but if we have a lot of apps, it becomes burdensome to update each manually. We wish that iOS 6 allows certain applications to get updated automatically when network usage is low.

Author Bio: Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Services Houston and PC Repair Houston national service organizations.


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