Impact of Google+ integration on Google Search Results

google-plus-iconThe new Google+ is only the beginning with more integration on the way. The impact of Google+ will vary for each individual as it takes a leap to create a relationship between people and businesses, with their related content, topics and online activity. 2012 will bring an exceptionally bespoke search capability based on our circles, who we invite into our circles and our contributions online. As these dots get connected even more, Google can master the art of positioning the search results for us.

Search rankings impacted

The future of Google+ will certainly impact search rankings. But this view could differ amongst people due to variations in age groups and gender differences. For instance, older people are not game for artificial web relationships nor do they will sign up for Google+. Thus they may not feel the impact of this technology amalgamation. On the contrary, younger generation explores and experiments with new technology every day and might experience this change for the good.

Google integration in its current form

The important thing to note is that Google in its current form of integration only shows Google+ pages and profiles. Therefore the relevancy of search is compromised as Twitter and Facebook are sacrificed in this space. The integration has made some noticeable changes in the navigation. You can notice this modification on the left-hand side. The user can now control this by hovering around the apps to change their as per the customer’s convenience. One can view various app options by hovering over them and also move them to the “more” section.

Search engines including Google are incorporating the social network data into their search engines. This is possibly an added advantage for upcoming or new traders who are aiming to achieve visibility in search via search. However this does not bring a smile for the sites that rely mostly on link procurement or who provide inappropriate content or refer to old domains which do not exist anymore. The heavy and more customized information now available when you hit the search button provides great benefits to its users. The fight to be on the top for every webmaster keeps the Google search engine on its toes.

Today through social media, people exchange a lot of information they like and are interested in. We can already view that search engines are social media and its data into account when generating results.

With social data going one step ahead to help Google personalize search results, the shared content meaning other social networks and search engines, helps in higher rankings of organic searches. Google currently is experimenting with hits on +1 buttons as just one of the other hundreds signs that sways the ranking and presence of web pages in search results.

When we go to Google for searching a particular topic, we want what we are looking for, hassle free and quickly. Hence the social media integration with Google will deliver for relevant results and help generate content people are looking for in a span of seconds.

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