Sure Shot ways to Increase your Website’s Alexa Rankings

alexa-rankingAlexa is a subsidiary of It is a ranking system based on the traffic received by a website. Alexa ranks each website based on the number of visitors it receive. Top rank website Google has the rank 1 and less popular websites could have the Alexa rank nearly 500,000,000.

You may want to increase the Alexa rank of your website because advertiser, ad networkers use it as a gauge to determine the popularity of your website or blog. Hence if you want to make money through advertisements you would definitely have to make some efforts for increasing the Alexa rank.

Here we are providing some useful tips to increase the Alexa rank of your website.

  1. Install the Alexa toolbar. It’s free and anyone can download it from their website. Note that Alexa counts only those visitors who have already installed the Alexa toolbar. Increasing visits from those visitors who haven’t downloaded the Alexa toolbar does not increase your rank because these visits will not be counted. So encourage your users to download the toolbar and also you visit your website daily with Alexa toolbar installed in your web browser.
  2. Encourage your visitors to write positive testimonial about your website in Alexa’s detailed listing page for your website. By that way other visitors who are interested in Alexa ranking system get to know about your website or blog.
  3. Write about Alexa in your blogs and posts. Bloggers may like to know about it. This will eventually increase the traffic of your website and indirectly encourage your visitors to download Alexa toolbars.
  4. Try to get listed on as many search engines as possible. Just place your website or blog in search engine list so that when any user searches about any topic your website is always visible to him. For this you have to make your website or blog SEO friendly.
  5. Download Alexa ranking button, info links, traffic history graphs and other traffic counters from Alexa and show it on your website(if you want).
  6. Try to increase your traffic from Google. This will help you to increase your Alexa rank. For increasing traffic I suggest you to buy some website traffic for which you don’t have to pay much. Also if your blog or website has good contents traffic will automatically increase.

These are some simple strategies which are easy to implement and will definitely increase the Alexa rank of your website. Just create a positive environment for your users so that they will come again and again to your website.

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