Best Features of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 has a lot of new features as compared to windows 7 or windows XP or any previous version of Windows.

Before it’s release it already contains nearly 300 new features. Some of the new features include metro UI-based elements, Metro full screen apps, and support for ARM Tablets and x86 pc’s etc. For mobile devices also it has ton’s of new features that makes it a prime choice for mobile users. Support for ARM-based chipsets, touch, and sensors makes it compatible for nearly full spectrum of devices, be it a 10 inch slate with all day battery life, light weight laptops or a 27 inch high definition screen, you can use it almost everywhere.

Windows 8 start menu is customizable. You can also customize your startup menu according to your need and add tiles for calendar, email, music, Netflix and many more things. It also allows you to view live information from windows 8 Metro based apps.
For example, windows 8 weather app is able to display current temperature of a city along with projected temperature for the next two days. Windows live will show you latest messages and social networking app will show you your notifications.

Multitasking made easy by providing Snap Multitasking – Windows 8 makes the feature of multitasking more easily by providing Snap Multitasking. It allows running two apps side by side, to resize them and to switch between them. Compared to windows 7 and earlier version of windows which open multiple dialog boxes for each file copy, Windows 8 introduces the ability to perform all the copy into a single dialog box. You can stop, pause or resume any copy having full control on each copy option. It also provides real time graphical analysis for each copy being done. By that it provides enhanced copy experience to its users.
The control panel in windows 8 have a totally new look. It also includes new options like Search, Privacy, Share, Wireless, Notifications, Personalize and Users.

The Internet Explorer 10 is built into Windows 8 – It is designed to provide faster browsing with the help of hardware acceleration. It also provides rapid gesture based zoom, web site navigation and pan.

Windows 8 contains two touch keyboards – One is enhanced traditional keyboard and other is for non touch typists. Microsoft tries to make their virtual keyboard faster. It suggest you the words which you are going to type and also have a spell checker with it. It provides support for USB 3.0, which is nearly 10 times faster as compared to today’s USB.

Better Support for Multiple Monitors – It provides increased support for multiple monitors also. It’s very easy to switch between multiple monitors in windows 8. The primary monitor has a start button and secondary monitors contains switch button. Windows 8 desktop have hidden UI elements, which can only be seen with their associate applications and functions.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and grab a free copy of preview version Windows 8 Beta form Microsoft`s website and if you are not very confident about it yet, install it with a dual boot option with your present windows 7 installation.


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