How to Change the Default Blue Color of Facebook?

Do you feel bored of the default blue color that Facebook has from the day it was launched? Well It is not only you, there are many people out there who complaint about this and think of ways by which they can get a change of the default Facebook color, fonts, background as you can see above in the pic.

You can change your Facebook theme by following the below simple steps. It does not require any kind of programming or coding. ;)


Firefox Users

This is the most wonderful way of changing the facebook theme completely but it only works if you are browsing on Firefox.

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser & Click on Tools -> Add-ons
  • Now here Search for “Stylish” in your Add-ons & After that install this add-on to your Firefox browser.
  • Restart your browser and the visit
  • Here choose from various categories of available themes and select Download skin.
  • Copy the code of the Facebook skin that you choose.
  • Now go to Add-ons -> Options and select Stylish.
  • Now click on Write New Style and paste the code that you have copied from
  • Now click on Save and visit Facebook. You will see your new theme on your Facebook account
Google Chrome Users

If you are browsing on your chrome browser, then also you can change your facebook color with the help of a simple google chrome extension.
After the extension is installed, you will see a small icon at the right on your chrome browser. When you visit your facebook account, click on that icon and you will get to see a window as shown below


As you can see, you will be presented with two color pickers, one displaying your facebook title color and the other will be of the borders of the status box, comment box and other textboxes on facebook. You can select any color you like and the next time facebook will start with the default color you had chosen recently.
Visit chrome webstore and download the extension from the following link

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