Why should you stay away from free hosting?

There are many free web hosting services. It will be really tempting not to go for paid web hosting services when you have multiple options from free web hosting service providers. However going for a free web hosting service involves a very high risk factor especially for serious businessmen. If you want to stay in business for long-term then it is ideal to go for paid hosting service.

Let us find the drawbacks of free hosting service. But before that, remember, even if you are tight on budget you can always avail discount coupon deals as that of westhost coupons and yahoo web hosting coupon codes.


The process of creation of an account with free hosting service is very simple. As soon as you register your details, your account will be activated and you will be able to upload information on the server. Even though an account is created on your name, it may be deleted at any point of time with or without your notice. This will be a great hindrance if you are really dependant on your website for various business needs.

Free web hosting service provider offers limited number of resources. The amount of disk space offered may not be sufficient to your requirements. It is not scalable. Scalability is very important for growing organizations. With free web hosting service provider, you will not have freedom to choose your database and size of database. The types of software that can be installed on free servers are limited. Number of email accounts that can be created are limited. Another disadvantage is that you cannot have an email address named after your own domain name. The website address will be of long length and the website name may not be attractive and as fancy as you wish.

You should be able to get required bandwidth from web hosting service provider. As you grow in business, as number of hits on your website increase, you may want to go for paid hosting service. Changing from free plan to paid plan is not so smooth with some hosting services. Reliability is another important feature that cannot be expected in a majority of free hosting services. If you have an issue with the hosting service, you man not expect immediate redress. 24 x 7 customer support is not available as the service offered is free of cost.

Free websites generate revenue by displaying ads on your web pages. You will not have any control on the display of advertisements and affiliate programs promoted by the web hosting company. In fact, this is the main source of income for free web hosting service providers. If you are really averse to these kinds of ads and want to keep your web pages clean from having ads, then the only option is going for paid hosting service.

Free web hosting service offers limited or no protection for your data present on servers. You may not have backup facilities. Server reliability is utmost important and the server downtime should be the least. Free hosting services will not allow you to add interactive features such as chat, message boards, shopping cart, games, etc. For businesses it may be a hindrance as customers may not give prominence to free sites. If you are really serious in business, you will not hesitate to invest money and you would like to offer quality service to your customers. Search engines will give priority to websites that are located on paid hosting service providers. Websites hosted on free hosting space will come next and your website’s chances of getting better index in search engines will be less.

Free hosting service may not be forever and in the course of time, you may want to go for paid hosting service. Shifting from free hosting service to paid hosting service is a tedious process. It is difficult to carry all the SEO prominence from one hosting to another hosting. Sometimes, you may want to start your SEO efforts right from the scratch. This will be really difficult part and all your hard work will not be credited in your new environment.

Having come across all the difficulties listed here it is advisable to go for paid hosting service if you are really serious about your business and want to stay in business for long-term. In fact, it will take considerable time to become popular in the online world. Hence, it is better to invest in a good quality web hosting service provider that has established reputation over a period of time in the market. By being partnering with a solid web hosting service provider, you will be in forefront of technology. The upgrade process will be smooth, cost effective and efficient with a proven web hosting service provider.

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