How To Customize Facebook Login Page?

So you are a addicted to facebook, but a little bored with the facebook login page which you visit quite often. You never want to be stuck with the same facebook login page forever. Yes, you can customize the facebook login page and have your favorite background pic on it but only if you are using Google Chrome browser.

Facebook Refresh – a Google Chrome extension let’s you customize the facebook login page with the picture of your choice. Be it your own pic, some scenic view or your lovely dog. To customize your page, all you have to do it install and provide the url of the image you want in the background.

Steps to Customize the Facebook Login page:

  1. Install the Facebook Refresh extension by first clicking the link below and then select “Add to Chrome” in the window
  2. Once installed, go to the extensions page by typing ‘chrome://extensions/’ in the address bar and press enter
  3. Click the ‘Options’ link under the Facebook Refresh
  4. Enter the url of image your want in the background and hit save.


  5. Now open the facebook login window and you will see your new login screen and good bye to old blue login screen of facebook.


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  • YSMMogul

    Who would have thought Facebook would allow someone to customize their login screen?  I just might have to try this… I’m definitely bookmarking this page for later!

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  • Tigara electronica pret

    I really had no idea that you could customize your Facebook login page. Now that’s one really awesome thing, Facebook won a lot of popularity and credits with this thing, at least from me. 

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    reverberated@splendidly.lackeys” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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