Add Facebook Friends by Touching Your NFC Enabled Phones

AddFriend-2Google wallet may not have found it’s way into Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. But the technology behind it is being used by other applications in your Android phone.

Image you are at a friend’s place or a party and you met an old friend of yours. Now to keep in touch either you can exchange your contact information including your phone numbers or add each other to your facebook profiles. I bet you would prefer the later. but to add your friend to facebook either of you have to find the other person and then send a friend request, which will later be accepted by your friend and then you become friends.

But is all much easier now. NFC (Near Field Communication) which was just a means for wireless monetary transactions is now being used by an application called “Add Friend”, a facebook app for your Android phone. After installing this free app from Google Android Market, you just touch two NFC enabled mobiles back-to-back and tap Add to become friends. The best part is you don’t need to be online to become friends. If you are currently connected to the internet, it will immediately send the friends request and if not, it will send the friend request as soon as you get connected to internet.

Now don’t be too excited and start trying out this application before you have read these two pre-requisites, though. Firstly, your phone must have Facebook for Android installed. Secondly, your phone must be NFC-equipped. Few of the phones like Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Nexus S in the market right now are having NFC enabled chipset.

It won’t be late before we see other applications and handsets using NFC Technology.

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    Cool app, just liked it. Fabulous concept to remain touch with your friends through phones.

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