How to Use the New Facebook for Social Media Marketing

facebookFacebook has changed their interface for all of their users, but what does this mean to you as a business using Facebook for social media marketing?

The general consensus when it comes to the new Facebook interface is resistance. Sure, there are quite a few users that love it, but many others hate it and are grumbling about changes to their newsfeed. Still, Facebook plans to make major changes that will impact all users, individual and business alike. This is why it is important to dive into the new Facebook interface as a business owner to better understand how to market your brand through social media.

  1. It’s time to spend money. The new Facebook interface makes it difficult to create a strong brand presence that will show up in your fans’ newsfeeds, unless you are willing to spend money on Facebook apps and advertisements. This could cause issues for small businesses who are using Facebook for a free social media presence. Larger businesses with bigger budgets may be favored when it comes to marketing on Facebook.
  2. Anyone can comment on your Facebook Fan Page. The new Facebook interface does not require a user to “like” a business’s page in order to comment on a post. This could be a positive or a negative change for businesses. This means that any customer can interact with your businesses Fan Page, but it may make it more difficult to encourage Facebook users to officially “like” and become fans of your page if they don’t have to.
  3. It’s time for a well-planned strategy. The new Facebook newsfeed will favor businesses that have a well-planned social media marketing strategy. If you regularly post updates and have conversations with other users, your information will show up more often in the newsfeed and timeline. If your posts are random, it is likely that they will be lost in the noise of the new Facebook.

If these new changes frighten you as a business owner, all hope is not lost. You can still stick to the basics of social media marketing in order to see success. It’s time to focus on your customer experience over aggressive Facebook marketing. Of course, this is something that you should have been doing from the get-go since relationship marketing is much more successful in social media.

The new Facebook will support businesses that become popular via word-of-mouth. When you engage with your customers in conversation and provide relevant content, your fans will be more likely to interact with you and share your posts with their friends.

Author Bio: Joel Newman is a freelance writer with expertise in technology. For information on top registry cleaners to speed up you PC, you can visit Joel Newman’s Registry Cleaner website.

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