How To Remove the “Live Ticker” Box from Facebook

block-facebook-tickerAlthough Facebook has always been aggressively adding new features to the Social Netoworking website, but recent launch of Google+ has threatened it more, to be more competitive and aggressive in launching launching new features as Google+ is updating and adding features to the website on daily bases.

New features when launched is not liked by everybody, some of the users doesn’t like changes and some even if they do like change, they don’t like a particular change. When facebook launched chat sidebar, not everybody liked it, infact most of the users hated and found it annoying, so they wanted to disable the side chat bar, and if you are one of these users you can also disable the side chat bar and return your old chat window by following the steps mentioned in this post – How to Disable Facebook New Chat Sidebar.

Facebook recently rolled out lot of changes to it’s User Interface and some of the notable ones are Live ticker feed which is a fixed element constantly showing you updates of your friends like, shares, reading, listening on the top right side of your facebook page and when you move your mouse over it, it opens a pop-up and gives you the ability to like and comment right from the pop-up, which is infact useful but distracting when sometimes your mouse moves over it accidently. Facebook hasn’t given any option to disable this feature but if you are using chrome you can disable the sidebar ticker by installing an extension mentioned below and if you are using firefox you can follow the steps below to install the script which will eventually disable the live ticker sidebar for you.

Chrome Browser ExtensionHide Facebook SideBar Ticker

Remove Facebook Sidebar on Firefox

  1. Install the Grease monkey addon from Mozilla Firefox – Grease Monkey (Skip this step if you already have Grease Monkey Installed on your browser)
  2. Once you have Grease Monkey installed, go to and install the following script – Remove Facebook Right-Column

Once you have followed the steps above, just restart your browser and you should not see the live ticker bar on the side of your facebook page.

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