Google+ Opens for Public with Hangout on Air for Broadcasting Video

Google-plus-universeIt has been around 90 days since Google announced it’s own social network, Google+. The Social network gained lot of momentum in the first month or two, but recent reports suggests that it has not been gaining much users after an initial 25 million users which it added in the initial days. There are definitely some feature which are available in it’s competitors but still lacking in Google’s Social network.

Google has started knocking each of the features competitors have starting with Google+ games, developer API. There are even hints of Google soon launching Brand or Fan pages for Companies. But above all till today Google+ was only limited to people who had an invite from their friends or family. Starting today Google changed this and opened the network to everybody – no more invites needed. Yes, so anybody who want to join can open and signup for the network.

At the same time Google announced various other features to compliment the existing Social network. Hangouts which is one of the best feature in Google+ has now been supported on mobile. Presently only Android phones running 2.3+ can use Google Plus Hangouts, but Hangouts will soon be coming for iOS users. If your Google+ app is not yet updated, hang in it will soon receive an update. Another important update to Hangouts is called “Hangouts On Air” which is similar to broadcasting. Google+ users can now record or live broadcast the hangout sessions to a large number of users, but only 9 participants can participate, all other users can only view the Hangouts.

Google has also announced some other enhancement to Google+ Hangouts which according to the official blog are still in progress but users can still try these features by clicking “Try Hangouts with extras”. Some of the neat features included are:

  • Screensharing in Hangouts
  • Sketchpad in Hangouts
  • Google Docs integration in Hangouts.
  • .
    Some of the recent updates to Google+ on Android app are:

  • Huddle is now Messenger and you can share photos with it.
  • US and India users can post, respond and receive notifications via SMS
  • Edit your Profile photo
  • Let us know what do you think, Is Google+ going to gain more users by being open ?

    Image by Johnathan Chung

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