15 Things You Don’t Know About Steve Jobs

Steve-Jobs-AppleSince last week when Steve Jobs resigned from the CEO position at Apple Inc, You may have seen tons of infographics showing how this iconic figure turned Apple into the most valuable company of the world. We have also published one awesome Infographic to show the Complete Journey of Steve Jobs and Apple. But today we are going to show you something different, This nice graphic below shows you some hidden truths which most of us are not aware of.

These are 15 things you don’t know about Steve Jobs, Do you know he was a dropout of college and by the ways do you know he declared dead once in 2008 when Bloomberg news outlet sent out his obituary out over the wire which was instantly spread over the internet.

The most funny one was how the company was named as ‘Apple’. Steve likes Apple so much that he named his company over the name of the fruit. Check the Infographic below for more such fact which not everybody knows.


[via: onlineschools.org


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    Some fascinating facts about an epic figure.  Strange he would drop out of college and seek enlightenment elsewhere.

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