What are People Willing to Give up for Cellphone? [Infographic]

Cell-phone-addictionWe all are well aware that we are addicted to our cellphones or laptops. But how much is the question? Can you give up something precious to your for your cellphone. This is exactly what the this research by TeleNav shows. According to this study people are ready to give up the following things for their cellphone.

  • Almost 70% of the cellphone users are ready to give up Alcohol for a week for their cellphone.
  • One-third of the cellphone users are ready to give up sex to hang to their cellphones. (Of the respondents who indicated they would be more willing to give up sex than their mobile phone for a week, 70% were women.)
  • 55% are willing to give up Caffeine
  • 63% would be more willing to give up chocolate
  • 21% of all the respondents are more willing to go shoeless than phoneless for a week.

Another important information from the research was 62% of the Android users have never paid more then $1 for an app compared to 45% of iPhone users.
Check out the infographic yourself and let us know how much are you addicted to your cellphones and what are you willing to give up for a week or more to keep your cellphone always with you.

Willing to Give up Cellphone

Image by nimble photography

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