How to Add Symbols to Your Twitter Tweets

Twitter-Trends-2010Twitter has definitely changed the way people have conversations. By making the conversation shorter then 140 characters it has created a challenge for users to express themselves in less characters. But on the other hand it supports UTF-8 which enables the support to add special funky symbols which help shorten up your tweets. Image you saying ‘I am ✈ to Vegas‘ instead of ‘I am flying to Vegas’. It has two advantages firstly it make tweets looks more interactive and it also saves you some characters while tweeting.

There are multiple options to add these special characters, Firstly is you can select any of the special characters from the list below and copy it by doublicking the symbol and then press control+c or you can doubclick and then right click your mouse to copy. Once copied the symbol just paste it into the tweet box or whichever client you use for twitter. You can also bookmark this page to access these symbols at a later time.


Another alternative is to use a third party client which does need your twitter account access as it will tweet on your behalf. Just visit and click on “Connect with Twitter” on the top right hand side or the page. Once connected, just type in the message and select symbols from the list below and hit send to send the tweet from your twitter account.

Remeber, there are some other alternatives as well but all them revolves around this same fundamental. Now as you know how to use symbols doesn’t means that you should fill all your tweets with these special symbols as they will look like a spam tweets, instead just using 1 or 2 symbols in your tweet makes it look more interactive.

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