Google+ User Demographics Shift Since Launch?

Google-plus-buttonIt has been around two months now since Google+ was launched. For around first 6 weeks the network was limited to only folks who have been invited by friends and families through email addresses and later on Google opened it for lot more people by providing every existing Google+ user a url which can be shared with their friends and family for a maximum of 150 users signup (Incase you are still looking for an invite click here)

Google+ has been much more successful then other Social products launched by Google in past, It has already passed 25 million users till the first week of August and even though corporate brand pages are not yet allowed on Google+ but management folks from those companies are joining in in herds. Some of the largest group of members are from companies like IBM, Google, Accenture, Infosys, Dell and Apple etc.

On the other hand there has been some research in past which shows Google+ is highly dominated by male users and it has very less female users, but have things changed in last few weeks? According to this Infographic by Bime Analytics, things doesn’t seems to have changed a lot. As per the profession, Google+ is still dominated by Engineers & Software professionals and male to female ratio is 70% male with 30% female in August as compared to 28% females in July. Now what needs to be seen is how things change as Google+ has already launched Google+ Games and Brand pages are also expected to be launched soon.

In the meantime checkout the Infographic yourself for more details and statistics of Google+ users.


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