Best webOS Apps for Your Brand New $99 HP TouchPad

Facebook-for-HP-TouchPadIf you are one of those lucky ones who grabbed 16GB HP TouchPad at $99 or 32GB for $149, you must be craving for some cool apps to be installed on your Shiny new HP TouchPad, Although in few days you will be getting your beloved customized Android on your TouchPad but till then install these awesome apps and try the get the experience of this awesome hardware from HP.

Facebook Tablet

Facebook Tablet app optimized for webOS tablet makes it easy to stay connected with your friends by posting status updates, uploading and tagging photos, reading your News Feed, browsing your friends’ photo albums, profiles and more. The app also supports facebook message center which can be used to send out email from your facebook account. facebook app also notifies you of events as and when they are approaching.
Price: Free

Angry Birds

Angry birds has been one of the most famous games on any mobile device including iPad, iPhone, Android and even web. Now you can install this game on your HP TouchPad and blast your way through all 240 levels that require logic, skill and brute force to crush the enemy pigs with your army of angry birds. You can install any version of the game including the classic angry birds or Angry Birds Rio.
Price: Free (Install Link)


If you are a blogger and often feel lonely when you are way from your laptop, try this wordpress app. This offical WordPress app allows you to manage your WordPress blog, answer comments and create new posts with text, links and embedded media. It works with both and self-hosted WordPress blogs.
Price: Free


Dropbox offers your free cloud storage for 2GB which can further be expanded to 8GB when you invite your friends and family to join the community and also if you use your school email id you may be elligible for further increase in free store. Dropboxify is an application which enables you to sync and share your files online and across multiple platforms or computers. It brings Dropbox simplicity to your tablet. You can browse your entire Dropbox on the go. View your stored documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos and photos, and listen to your music.
Price: $2.99 (Install Link)


Looking for your favourite cuisine while you are travelling, wanted to read reviews of that before you go ahead and order your dish. This is an app for you. It will hunt down your favorite restaurant or a gas station if you are running out of it. The application is only available for US, Canada, the UK and Ireland residents.
Price: Free (Install Link)

Kindle for webOS

Amazon Kindle is the largest catalog of online books which total to over 950,000 Kindle books and increasing every day. Kindle app for TouchPad will enable you to search through the titles and even get free book samples before you decide to buy. And with Amazon’s Whispersync technology integrated, pages are synchronized across various devices including web based kindle, so users can pick up where they left off and never lose their place.
Price: Free


Tweed is full fledged twitter client for webOS based devices. It enables you to follow and send tweets on the go. You can also explore twitter trends and participate in the global conversation. Application also has a nice notification system which alerts you if you are mentioned or sent a direct message.
Price: $2.99 (Install Link)

Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit for TouchPad

All the gaming freaks this is a must have app for you. It is a little expensive but worth every penny. The application has awesome HD-quality graphics, and an enhanced interface designed just of the bigger Multi-Touch screen like your new TouchPad. You can do all kind of customization in the game by choosing your tracks, your weapons etc. Game is full of visually stunning graphic crossing deserts, bumpy roads and coastal areas.
Price: $9.99 (Install Link)

Pandora Radio

How can anybody live without music. HP TouchPad has some good quality speakers to enjoy your best collection of songs but with Pandora that enjoyments doubles when you can have your own FREE personalized radio available to stream music. Official Pandora App for webOS is very nicely build with all the features you you on Android or iOS devices. And if you are an existing Pandora user, you don’t have to do anything, just login to the app and you have all your pre-existing radio stations ready to play songs for you.
Price: Free (Install Link)

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