Top 5 Awesome features of Windows Phone 7 Mango


For all gadget suckers, this fall will come up with a huge event in the phone domain: the releasing of the latest Windows Phone, the Windows Phone 7.5, also known as “Mango”.
Like any other latest technology device, the Mango phone is equipped with some mouth-watering features that are certain to blow off the mind of its future buyers. Among hundreds of utilities, the Mango phone will bring multitasking, IE9 and Twitter integration, so that its users can stay hooked up to the Internet and its best features all day (and night) long. But since all great phones need some reliable information about their features, here is a top 5 with the best capacities included by the latest Windows Phone, Mango:

1. Internet Explorer connection

By far one of the best features of the Mango smartphone is its Internet Explorer connectivity that is set to blow away any other mobile browser competition. Comparative studies based on the Mango phone, Nexus S and iPhone show reveal that IE9 outperforms the other smartphones with around 23 frames per second in a browser window by comparison to 2 and 11 frames per second, respectively. However, there is still no Flash support.

2. Windows Live Messaging and Twitter

For those who want to stay connected with their anytime and anywhere, the new Mango phones comes up with some support in the “People Hub” area, offering Windows Live messaging and Twitter integration. The best feature about including the Windows live is that, when you want to send a text message, the phone will automatically search to see if your contact is logged on their Windows live and, if so, the message will be send in the Live chatroom.

3. SMS Dictation

And now for some real mouth-watering features of the Mango: the SMS Dictation application. Tap a button, speak and the words will automatically be converted into text and pasted straight into SMS. However, this feature is already integrated into Android phones users, while iPhone users are not “blessed” with this easing app.

4. Better Windows Marketplace

In search for the latest applications, betas, games and songs, the latest Windows Marketplace will be easier and faster to use, becoming less cramped and more accessible. You will also be able to download applications faster and see a list of downloaded stuff directly onto your Windows Phone. Another cool feature is that applications in Marketplace will be able to designate and come up with other compatible applications that will match your searches. For example, if you are searching in Bing for a movie or a song, you will be redirected to apps such as IMDB or MTV.

5. Fast-app-switching and Third Party Multitasking

Finally, the best feature yet so far is the latest processor of the Windows 7 Phone that will allow a latest generation multitasking, making you able to swap from music listening, documents downloading, Internet searching and Instant Messaging.

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