Top 5 Android games you should have on your phone

So you bought a cool Android phone with loads of functions and countless entertainment opportunities. You are in your classroom and we all know history or literature classes are not so appealing first thing in the morning; or, you are taking a long trip by train and you have no one to talk to. Or maybe you do not want to talk to anyone. What do you do? Of course, your mobile phone is the best alternative to throw away boredom and enjoy a little bit of fun. Go online and get connected to all sorts of social networks, tweet about the long hours you still have to endure or search for some games. Or, even better, skip this whole process and take a look on the following games, some of the best ones on Android mobile phones.


Yoo Ninja

No review upon Android games should be completed without adding the Yoo Ninja game into their lists. The one touch arcade game, Yoo Ninja, is by far one of the most addictive out on the market so far. It is a fast-paced gravity game and what you have to do is to guide your Ninja through four different worlds, each with its own gravity. Stay away from the darts, don’t jump out of the screen and you will for sure experience an amazing finale.

Angry Birds

The best thing about Internet nowadays is that you can get many awesome applications, games, music, software for your phone for free. So why not take advantage of the sites that provide you with the best features for your phones, all for free. Search online and you will find one of the most addictive games on Earth, Angry Birds, to put on your phone, no costs. Use your unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the pigs’ fortresses and kill those greedy egg-hunters pigs. But be careful! You will require logic, skills and force in order to fulfill all of the 225 levels of the game.

Diner Dash

Yet another extremely popular game among youngsters is the virtual diner serving experience, Diner Dash. Help Flo clean all tables and keep her customers happy and you will win extra cash and fun, no mouse involved – all on your Android mobile.


The Simpsons line “you sunk my battleship” probably pops out in your mind right now, but this is a classic. One of the greatest games ever devised is now on Android platforms, so make sure you sink your friend’s ships.

Worms by EA

One of the oldest games made by EA, now comes in the mobile phone version for Android cellphones. The popular turn based strategy games features a pack of worms you control and loads of weapons to chose from to be sure you destruct your enemy. My personal favorite kill hits are the super popular Banana Bomb and the Super Sheep.

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    I hate playing games on my cell phone. Mobile phones are for talking, not for playing games. 

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    It’s your personal choice. Smartphones today such as Android and iPhones are not just for talking instead they are made to do whole lot of stuff.

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