Samsung Slider Phone for AT&T was Not Galaxy S II

A Couple of days back we told you that Samsung is launching two Galaxy S II Versions with AT&T one is with the sliding keyboard and the other one will just be touch screen and no physical keyboard. Lot of people critisized the phone with the keyboard as it will just spoil the sleekness of such a thin phone.

Guest What ! Samsung Galaxy S II will not have a version with Physical keyboard. BGR again reported that the handset with the keyboard was not Samsung Galaxy S II instead it is some new phone from the company which is again lined up for AT&T. This phone with physical keyboard may not be Samsung Salaxy S II but for the folks who want a phone with the physical keyboard this looks an awesome contender with preinstalled Gingerbread 2.3.4. And yes Touch screen only Galaxy S II for AT&T is still scheduled for release in August which can be anytime around its counterpart Verizon’s launch on August 12.

You can also fill the form at to be updated on when the phone gets announced. So Folks I guess most of you will be happy now as Samsung Galaxy S II have the same slim design as the International version launched worldwide.

AT&T Samsung-galaxy-s-ii

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