Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T also coming without physical Keyboard?

If you are little disappointed with the news we posted this morning about Samsung Galaxy S II aka. Attain is coming with physical keyboard, now you have a reason to rejoice. There is news that AT&T is prepping up two different models of Samsung Galaxy S II and both launching around the same time.

The first model we mentioned in the previous post will have a full features Qwerty keyboard and touch screen and the second one with only touch screen maybe a little slimmer then the other counterpart. According to the tipster of androidcentral, the phone without the keyboard will have WVGA display, and will be “really sexy” in looks.

Looks like AT&T is not taking any chances like Sprint did last year by releasing only physical keyboard version of Samsung Galaxy S. They want to make all their customer happy. Folks please leave us comments on which one you prefer.


[via: androidcentral]

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  • Anonymous

    good more choice its better… for those qwerty haters now they dont have to complain anymore

  • Buzzingup

    Agree. This will make both the segments happy.

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