Microsoft Attacks Google with Gmail Man Ad Video


Mary Jo Foley of Zdnet managed to get her hands on a Microsoft ad that tries to promote businesses to choose Office 365 over Google Apps. The video shows a Gmail Man dressed as a postman with a habit of scanning through all your mails for keywords and then showing you ads related to them.

Mary also reported about confirming this with Microsoft and received an official no comment. Although according to her, all the facts (including the name on the company doors that Gmail man opens when visiting an office – Contoso Ltd) related to the video makes her think that the video is created by real Microsoft production.

The other twist is the advertisement says that Google Scans through every mail in your gmail account which is infact true but this is not the case with Google Apps as the paid version of Google Apps doesn’t show ads, even though administrators can choose to enable them.

Check out the advertisement yourself before it gets removed from the internet.

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