How to Stop All the Animations in your Google+ Stream

stop-animationApart from the funny Facebook slap animations currently trending, are you getting irritated with the animation showing on you Google+ stream. Since Google plus supporting animated images was taken with a mixed reaction. There is lot of criticism and some some even welcome this new support by Google+. Some described Google plus support of animated gif’s as a big blunder. Many from the Google plus early adopter’s community have in fact given feedback about it but no official confirmation regarding it yet.

Today we are going to show you how you can disable these animations in your stream and incase you find something interesting you can anytime enable it. In addition to the following tricks for Google+ we have posted in past. There is yet another extension which can disable the animations.

Now to add to this list is how to stop the annoying animated images. There is a ‘GIF Stopper’ yet another chrome extension Hit the escape key and the image stops looping that’s it. You can install this chrome extension from Chrome Webstore at the following url: GIF Stopper and once installed just restart your chrome browser. For Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox users can just hit the escape key to stop the animation as it is pre-built in those browsers and you don’t need to install any extension.

There is also an alternative which will automatically disable all the animations on your page as the page is completely loaded. Again you can download this extension from Chrome webstore with the following url – “Pause! Pause! Pause!” So choose the one of the above tricks and halt all the irritating animated images on Google+ stream.

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  • Merzmensch

    I actually don’t understand the GIF-bashing all around the web. I mean, gif-animations in my G+stream (if there are any) are usually not those glittering and blinking cartoons from the 90ies, and also not some shady splatter and shock clips, but rather some interesting pieces of art – since I think, there is a re-discovering of GIF animation as
    1) multi-plattform technology, where you need neither flash nor another plugins to run the animation, and
    2) as a medium of new (or better: very old) genre of looped citations or aphorisms.

    The apprehension (I’ve read last day a lot about it), G+ could become new glitter and kitschy MySpace is unfounded, imho.

    P.S. Sure, maybe I will change my mind after beeing spammed by some cheesy gif-animations, but till now I just re-post them in my streamline, since they are genious.

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