How to Run Android Apps on Your Computer?

android-robot-logoNot long ago we posted how to run Chrome OS on your computer by creating a live USB and running it live, Chrome OS hasn’t been much in the news lately but the one platform that is making news is Android which seems to be a big hit on Smart phones and tablets. No wonder Google claims 550,000 android devices are activated a day yes you heard it right its 550K thanks to Samsung for topping the mobile phone market share. If you want to test out the Android platform before buying an Android tablet or Smartphone you can test it out on your computer and then decide if you want to go with it.

Steps to run Android on your computer:

  • Download the latest Android SDK for windows from choose the executable version for which size is around 35 Mb.
  • Now you need to install Java JDK version 6 or higher like 6.1 or 6.2 (don’t install Version 7) from Oracle Java Downloads, Ensure that you install the right version as x86 is for 32 bit version Windows OS and x64 is for the 64 bit version.
  • Now after Installing Java JDK (Not Java Runtime Environment -JRE ), Install the Android SDK which you downloaded in the first step, while installing select the following packages to be installed
    1. 1. SDK platform Android 3.2, API 13 revision 1 which is the latest version available

      2. Android SDK Platform-tools

      3. Android SDK Tools.

Once you have performed the above steps and installed the Android SDK and Java JDK, just click on virtual devices >> create new and enter the name of the virtual device which can be anything at this time. Select the target as Android 3.2 and click create AVD (Android virtual device) and after creating click on start you will have many command prompt windows showing up along with android boot screen as shown below

Click on the image to Enlarge


Once you have android up and running you can install any number of applications from Android Market, So Enjoy try the new Android OS on your laptop or desktop.

Author BIO: Preeth.K.P is a technology evangelist and a blogger at Techplugged who loves to be with technology trends in hardware, software, webware, social media and beyond, He is an I.T support engineer & social media analyst, and has worked with H.P & DELL in India.@preeths |

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