How to reply a Google+ Post by Replies and More Extension

Google+ is just in its infancy and developers have already developed large number of extensions and tools to helps users. We have listed migration tools to migrate your photos or contacts from Facebook and then taking the Google+ black bar to all the websites you visit on the web including Facebook and even viewing your facebook or twitter stream on Google+

One more great Chrome extension which has already been installed by 20,000 users in last few days is “Replies and more for Google+”. This is awesome extension which can be of great help when you are participating in a conversation on somebody Wall. As a user coming from Twitter and Facebook background we all are very accustomed to using @ symbol to mention a user specifically in a comment.

With the launch of Google+, we have two choices, either use ‘+’ or ‘@’ to mention someone in a comment or post. With this new extension you get a new link called ‘ Reply to Author’ next to your Share link below the post and that’s not all instead it also add a ‘Reply’ link to every comment below the post, the reply link is only visible once you take you mouse over the post you want to reply.


So how it works is when you click “Reply to Author” it automatically mentions the author’s name in your comment box below the post and similarly when you click on reply at the end of the comment, it will add the name of the person whose comment you are reading to your comments box.

At the same time some of the other features this extension provides are as follows


Out of the above listed options you can enable or disable any option you click from Chrome extension options.

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