How to invite your Facebook contacts to Google Plus ?

g-plusIf you are lucky enough to get the invite to Google+ limited field test(If not you can request one from buzzingup), you must be wondering how to invite your friends from Facebook to Google plus, although if you are too desperate and can’t wait for few minutes you can head over to eBay to buy it for $50 to $200. As reported earlier here on this blog Google’s  social network platform is here and already created lot of buzz on twitter and most of the buzz was People requesting an invite.

So if your wondering how to add your friends there is no direct Google contacts import tool from Facebook,although there is a small workaround which works just great. Below are the steps about how to do it.

  1. Transferring your contacts from facebook to Yahoo contacts (you need to have yahoo account).
    Goto , and click on tools option and then on import
  2. Click on the Facebook icon and click yes when it asks do you want to share contacts with yahoo? In an new pop up window.
  3. Now you have all your Facebook contacts in yahoo address.
  4. Now log on to Google plus click on circles icon.
  5. You can find now the option of inviting people through your Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.  Once the account is connected with Google plus, it will fetch all the contacts from that account and show you the entire contact list. That’s it.

Author Bio: Preeth.K.P is a technology evangelist who loves to be with technology trends in hardware, software, webware, social media and beyond, He is an I.T support engineer & social media analyst, and has worked with H.P & DELL in India.@preeths |

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  • Jeremy Wyrick

    Can I get a Google+ invite Pleeeasssseee! :)

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    please invite me

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    Can i get one..? Tried a lot to get an invite

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    Hey nice trick to invite all facebook contacts :) , I am also thinking to write an article on this trick on my blog :)

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    I want invite :( ( please

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    wow i got google+, and i gatta say it’s nice 

  • Cchantrill

    Throw an invite my way at please

  • Dennison Uy

    The only ironic part here is that Yahoo is only being used as a “middleman”

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    confidante@anyplace.precut” rel=”nofollow”>.…


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