How to get Short / Vanity URL For Your Google+ Profile

Since the release of Google+, People all over the web are looking for invites. Although we did send around 800+ invites to our friends and friends, we are regularly sending more invites but sometimes folks are not able to join because looks like Google has a quota defined for an hour or couple of hours and as soon as that gets filled they stop forwarding your invites or doesn’t let the user join.

If you are one of those lucky folks who have received an invite and was able to join, you may notice that Google+ doesn’t provide friendly url instead it uses a unique id in the the url which is not easy to remember or share with your friends.

onGPL.US provides a service which will create a short friendly unique url for your Google+ Profile,

Steps to create Google+ profile URL are :

  1. Open onGPL.US on your browser.
  2. Enter the required username, which can be any unique name you like along with your Google+ profile id.
  3. After entering these details, click on submit and it will return you new user friendly url for your Google+ profile, which can be shared with your friends or used anywhere

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