Google+ Makes Facebook the New MySpace [Video]

mark-facebook-google-plusSince the time Google+ has launched, Media has been questioning, Will Google+ turn Facebook into myspace and people will abandon their facebook account and hop on to Google+. Although we can’t say if this will happen anytime soon, users on facebook has invested so much time in building their network on the website and again facebook has it’s Social graph which is very well spread over millions of websites with likes and share buttons. If you are interested we have a post where we share 8 Reasons Why Google+ is better than Facebook.

Considering all the buzz around this new Social media network, folks at roosterteeth has created a funny parody of how Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg reacts to Google+ by arguing with the founder of myspace Tom Anderson.

Check out this funny video yourself.

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    nice video.

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    Really nice post. Now facebook looks are much more attractive. Will suggest my friends to use it.

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