Add Your Facebook and Twitter Stream to Google+

Hooked on Google+ and like most of the people who are still missing your “likes”, ”pokes” and your facebook friends since only a few were lucky enough for the Google plus invite there is a solution. You can now have Facebook news feed to your Google+ stream. This is done by yet another chrome extension also available on Firefox and Internet explorer from the same developers who added Facebook Like button To Your Google Search Results they have come with another awesome plugin Google+Facebook which adds a Facebook icon next to your home button on Google plus page. After installing the extension all you need is click on Facebook icon and authorize the app as you do with on other Facebook apps by clicking on allow button you have the Facebook news feed on Google plus. At the same time company has also developed a similar extension/addon for twitter called as Google+twitter to follow your twitter feed and might have other social  networks to follow soon. The twitter extension is slightly better to use than the Facebook as it has more things you can do from inside your Google+.

Things you can’t do with these extensions: No likes and comments on the Facebook stream, clicking on video will eventually open up your Facebook page with the video. You can update the status through this extension the only difference is it opens up a pop up window to do this task and being an extension its confined to work only in the browser its installed. Since most of your friends are still in Facebook it really matters to install the extension and informed of happenings both on Google Plus circles, Facebook friend list and Facebook fan pages.

Check out how it looks in the screenshot below


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  • Les Hall

    I thing this was shown to be malware, or at least doesn’t play well with others.

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