10 Useful tips for using Google+

Google-plusSince it’s launch, Google’s new social network Google+ has been the hot topic on the web. But why the hell in this world will Facebook users shift to Google+. There are multiple reason, one of them is Google has its own fanbase who are ready to adopt whatever Google releases and then the next important reason is Circles, With Google Circle, the company has very well tried to overcome the privacy issues with Facebook. So If you are one of the lucky ones who do have an invite to Google Plus, below are some of the tips which can help you in sharing, highlighting your content on the new shinny Social network.

  • Highlighting your shared content in Bold letters – With so many shares on the stream, your important message can be missed by your followers, so you would like the keywords in the shared message to be highlighted, To Highlight keyword in your message, Just start the keyword with * and end it with the same.

    Eg: *BuzzingUp* is a Great website will appear as BuzzingUp is a Great website

  • Styling your content as Italic instead of regular text – You can make some of your keywords as Italic by typing _ before and after the keyword.

    Eg: _BuzzingUp_ is a great website will appear as BuzzingUp is a great website

  • Share your photo, videos and links by just dragging to the share box
  • Mention your friends or followers by @ or + sign – Incase you want to refer to somebody personally in a stream of comments you can type the username by @ or + sign before the username, this will tag the mentioned user.
  • Permlink for posts – Clicking the timestamp on a post will display that post with a permlink.
  • Private message to the users can be sent to the user by typing the message and sharing it with only that particular user and disabling the reshare from the dropdown infront the message.
  • Resize the Chat Box in Google+ – Unlike Gmail, you can resize the chat box by just dragging the box by its corner or sides.
  • Starting some Sparks – . In addition to making friend and following people, you can search for topics of your interests in the Sparks section on the side menu of the main page. Click Sparks, and search for the topics and once searched you can even pin the topic for quick reference in future.
  • See all profile pictures at once- By clicking on the profile picture, you can cycle through all the profile picture without even browing to photos tab.
  • Some hotkey shortcuts for Google+
    1) Space bar – Scroll down to the stream
    2) Shift Space bar- Scroll to the top of the stream.
    3) Q – Jump to chat
    4) Hit Return key – Comment on the highlighted post.

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  • Anonymous

    nice article thanx for sharing

    btw why  WOT ( web of trust ) is reporting buzzingup as malicious site :S

  • http://www.internetbillboards.net Tom George

    Nice tips on Google+ I am looking forward to trying it out.I think this third attempt for Google to break into social media will succeed. It is the third right, wasn’t there buzz and wave before. Just curious why didn’t they really succeed.

  • Anonymous

    But I guess it’s the first time Google has launched full fledged social network.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for letting us know. Once in past while buzzingup was on Godaddy shared hosting, somethings got infected but we moved from Godaddy long back.

    We will report this this WOT again and would appreciate if you can give a positive review or vote to us on WOT.

  • http://%/ovoxxcs5 Rex

    darrell@talked.tuscany” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    thanks for information!!…

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