Top 7 Tips for Successful Small Business Facebook Page

The answer is yes and no, Yes because the investment involved for social media is very less and No if your campaign turns disastrous it will be other way around making your brand value to fall. Companies like Coke, Nike, The Dubai mall do have an advantage of being recognized brands even without the help of social media and entering in the social media stream is no big buzz. If you are a regular reader of our blog you do understand How Facebook decides top news for your profile based on Edge rank and how important is to have more interaction with your fan page members. Here are some tips for small businesses to make it big in social media.

  1. Use Facebook Insights to track your pages progress based on pages viewed, users, and your interactions.
  2. You can import the data an excel sheet or CSV. The link to insights is available on the right side of your fan page and visible only to admins of the page.

  3. Go offline, create flyers, announce on your local radio, newspaper, unconventional but effective since any brands associated with Facebook is considered niche brand, Facebook Motivates 1 In 5 Purchase decision full report.
  4. Do you want to get your fan page get viral even before launch ? The answer is simple announce a contest with a latest gadget in the market say iPad 2 for referring your friends contest, getting likes contest, photo tagging contest etc…Your fan page numbers will be in 4 digits also beware of the fake profiles you will encounter in your fan page.
    Dubai mall facebook fan page
  5. The Frequency of posting updates on your fan page is an important criteria in handling your fans, if you post too frequently the risk is users will more likely unlike or hide your posts from their news feed wall, so you have to have an optimum number of times you should post in a day or week.
    hide all posts on facebook page
  6. Apart from posting about your product and service, Also post tips, tricks, suggestions and do award random discount/prize for a regular fan on your page.
  7. Include links and images within updates, Use photos(picture is worth a 1000 words) and videos often, Ask questions your fans and friends can’t help but answer, Create a poll, Post trivia, quizzes, and games do whatever to engage your fans.
  8. One of the lesser known feature of Facebook is SMS updates, Request your users to register for this and send occasional updates.

You can now ask your friends to become a fan of your Facebook Fan Page simply by sending a text message (SMS). For example, Our Facebook Fan Page is “Buzzingup”.

So people can become a fan by texting “fan buzzingup” to a short code , and they will immediately become a fan. Short code varies according to the country you are living in and the mobile operator. Suppose you like in US and you want to become a fan of our Facebook page, simply sms “fan buzzingup” – without quotes to 32665.

Lastly do ensure your company have a clear cut policy regarding social media to avoid any disastrous situations.

Author Bio: Preeth.K.P is a technology evangelist who loves to be with technology trends in hardware, software, webware, social media and beyond, He is an I.T support engineer & social media analyst, and has worked with H.P & DELL in India.@preeths |

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