How to Make Phone Calls from your iPad?

ipad-phone-callsWhen Apple’s iPad tablet was proudly presented on the market at the beginning of 2010, Gadgets addicts quietly paid around $500 – $800 to put their hands on the latest Apple invention and test its qualities. But for most of the buyers, as well as for the reviewers, the feedback provided could be summed up by the following line: “An oversized iPhone, without the phone characteristics”. So why, in the name of Apple, would you make a device as big as an iPad with a small SIM card by comparison with the small iPhone with the big SIM card?

But no worries- you can use your iPad as a phone device. In case you run out of phone battery or you just happen to wander in the park with your tablet and suddenly feel like calling your better half, iPad has it all covered for you. The salvation comes from a micro-SIM card slot that is ready to receive your telecom SIM card so you can make the awkward phone call from the oversized iPod/iPhone. However, the good news is that Apple sells its iPads unlocked and you can easily use them for their phone function with any telecom.

Also, late in the 2010, a company called Truphone released on the market an iPad application with the same function and scope – to turn the tablet into a phone. The giant iPhone, as they call the tablet nowadays, can be used to give and receive calls via this voiP application. So you basically download the application and use its Web power to bypass traditional phone lines. According to the Truphone company any calls to Truphone, Skype and Google Talk users are free; for the rest of mobile phone numbers, you will be charges a so-called “really, really low” rate in order to make your calls from the tablet – around five cents per minute within the US ground. Or, you can use Steve Jobs’s method and, apart from the $600 price paid for the device itself, you buy another set of earbuds with a built-in microphone matching the USB port, get online from any wi-fi hot spot, download the Skype program, and then make your beloved call. To easy to be true, you say?

Think again. While these methods might work and you might be able to make a call if you happen to be in a civilized area with wi-fi access, who actually wants to use their tablet as a huge iPhone? The 9 inches by 7 inches iPhone’s Big Brother might tend to look rather silly in the hands of a girl and even in the hands of a powerful businessman, not to mention the big and heavy up-to-the-head vision. Here is a piece of advice: use your device for its purpose and for its purpose only and do not try to convert them into anything else – it might not get you that cool effect you are waiting for.

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