Google Challenges Skype with Integrated Chrome Video Chat


If you are a regular VOIP user and using Skype for your weekly conferencing or using it to talk to your friends or family around the globe then you will soon have another choice on your desktop and the best part is you will not have to install any new software for this and this all will work out of your existing Google Chrome web browser.

Yes, Google is presently working on a VOIP solution which will integrate Skype like technology into your chrome browser. The company is looking to add voice & video capabilities by integrating WebRTC into Google Chrome. Although Google already has audio and video capabilities in its Google talk but it requires installation of some proprietary plugins.

The foundation of this project was laid back in 2010 when Google acquired Global IP Solutions and created WebRTC, an open source project which allows any developer to integrate VoIP in their websites. According to the blog post titled “First Step Toward Chrome Integration” at the company has already started integrating VOIP into chrome.

As a first significant step toward integrating the WebRTC project into Chrome the WebRTC code is now about to land in Chromium as third party software at src/third_party/webrtc. This means that the crucial media processing capabilities necessary to implement real-time communication are available as a part of Chromium.

We are working hard to complete the remaining steps for a full integration in Chromium and Chrome including JavaScript APIs in WebKit and handling of the native audio and video capture and rendering. When we are done, any web developer shall be able to create RTC applications, like the Google Talk client in Gmail, without using any plugins but only WebRTC components that runs in the sandbox.

Once this project comes to reality, developers will have an alternative to flash to integrate video chat in their web applications and since it is an opensource project other browsers like Firefox, Safari and Opera will include it in future releases.

Skype now has another reason to be scared of the VOIP advancements on web.

Incase any developer is interested in using this feature from Chromium, the beta release, you can download it from the following link on

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