Comparison: iOS 5 vs. Android 2.3 vs. WP 7 Mango vs. Blackberry 7 OS


Last Week Apple unveiled iOS 5, it’s next version of Operating system for mobile devices including iPad, iPhone and IPod Touch. The new OS is surely the next step towards bringing better user experience. Some of the common features included in the new version is iMessages (which Google is hard at releasing for Android), newstand, twitter integration etc.

Similarly Microsoft unveiled its next gen OS for mobile called Windows Phone 7 aka. Mango. Below is a chart compiled by PCMag which compares the top 4 smartphone operating system including iOS 5, Android 2.3(Gingerbread), Windows Phone 7(Mango), Blackberry 7 OS, but as per our opinion chart is a little biased and favors more to Apple’s iOS 5 where Android 2.3 Gingerbread already had most of the features provided by the new iOS. And even if there are some features which are in new iOS 5 and are not present in Android 2.3, By the time iOS 5 will come to the market, Google will release next Android version and who know what what it will bring for smartphone users.


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  • Rick Steel


  • Yandex5

    yeah yeah yeah… ios is the best, it has everything… blah blah. isn’t it tooo obvious that this table is a bull shit? i can easily make twice bigger table comparing ios and dead slow symbian os showing that actually symbian as a way better than ios. 

  • Mangaiah Chowdary Garikapati

    i am unable to control my Laugh…… guys are funny…oh my god…ha ha ha

  • Towfiqul Islam

    The article clearly shows that you guys are huge iOS fans……

  • Samir

    you’re right its not fair, although i am a huge apple fan but i am not satisfied with this comparison and i am going to see other search results (totally agree what you’re saying)

  • Shoel2011 Barua

    Why not see more information about these things in a clear and best way?

  • Mobile Comparisons

    iOS win

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