AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II confirmed by Samsung singapore

Last month we revealed that Samsung is planning to launch its flagship device Galaxy S II with all four operators in United states. The device will have different names with different wireless operators. AT&T will carry the device under the name of Attain, Verizon as Samsung Function and Sprint will have its name as Samsung Within.

Today Samsung singapore facebook page itself revealed the plan for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T. Samsung posted a picture of Galaxy S II with clear AT&T logo on its facebook page. The device was plugged into Desktop Dock. One major noticeable difference between this custom device for AT&T and general Samsung Galaxy S II device is AT&T Galaxy S II (Attain) has four touch sensitive buttons unlike the original device which has one physical button at the bottom of the device. Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T is very similar to the original Samsung Captivate but with powerful hardware and latest version of Android 2.3 – Gingerbread.

There is still no official information on the launch dates for the device in united states, but we are hoping the device will be hitting the US stores sometimes soon.


[via: Samsung Singapore Fan Page]

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