5 Google Tips To Improve Your Search Experience

GooglePeople everywhere are hitting up the top rated search engine we all come to know and love; Google. With well over 2 billion searches daily and roughly 300 million people performing those searches, many aren’t getting the search results they intended for.

Why you ask? Because most people operating Google don’t use the search engine properly. Luckily, there are specialized searches that can be performed but are often overlooked. To help target your searches, refer below to some of the best ways you can get quicker and more targeted results.


Quotes are especially helpful when you want the results to appear for the same characters you entered into the search. It’s simple, use quotes around words if you are looking for them together. For instance, when you search for “John Smith” the search results will only display for those words side by side, narrowing your search results to 18,300, 000 hits verse 66,700,000.
Example: “John Smith”

Minus Sign

The minus sign is great when your results are similar to what you typed in, but not what you were looking for. Use a minus sign (-) in front of words that you want to exclude. For example, when I type in Apple I get well over 1 billion results that include Apple products and fruit. What I didn’t give the search engine was enough information to know that I only want hits relevant to the Apple store. So instead, I performed a search for apple –fruit, narrowing my end results.
Example: apple -fruit

Plus Sign

By putting a plus sign (+) immediately preceding a word, you can now match that word precisely as you typed it, while excluding any and all synonyms and spelling variations. As Google provides, typing in +foard will tell Google to include results for Ford. This can go the same for +Jon Smith or John Smith.
Example: +Jon Smith


Including a site, you are telling the operator to limit your search to specific and more targeted sites. An example of this would be searching for course by typing in site: .edu if looking for college information. Perhaps you want to get the latest fashion news found on the NYTimes.com, so you then type in fashion site:nytimes.com and get a hit for www.nytimes.com/pages/fashion/index.html. You can also exclude specific sites if you want fashion results on everything but the NYTimes.com. This would like something like this: “fashion news” –site.nytimes.com.
Examples: fashion site:nytimes.com / “fashion news” –site:nytimes.com


Using the word fail after typing in specific search terms will also help you bring up negative or “failed” information on products, services and news. For this, you would simply tell the operator you want to search for “sports” fail, resulting in tons of epic sports fails.
Example: “sports” fail

Author Bio: Lauren Horn is a Marketing Communications Specialist for Central PA-based internet marketing company, ProspectMX.

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