Battle within Google: Android vs Chrome

Google is still smiling and unfazed by recent reports of Facebook hiring PR firm to smear Google. The battle lines has been drawn and it’s now clear you have Microsoft, Skype, Facebook on one side and Google, Samsung and companies like Sony on other side. While we might have missed a killer service from the sidelines of last week report, Facebook and Google could have shared its services for a greater reach of its products.

Microsoft Windows is clearly the leading OS platform on laptops and desktops and has been sitting over it for almost two decades with no clear fight from Mac or Linux. Even though Ubuntu (a linux variant) showed much promise but couldn’t deliver to the reach of Windows operating system. With more of computing now going online or better say you switch on the computer with heavily loaded OS just to open your browser to access the cloud service. The dynamics of the web has changed towards more cloud services. Every services you can think of is now a cloud services/app else it is still lying around on your hard disk.

Google is in a pretty precarious situation. It has 2 platforms to be taken care of
1) Android already the most popular and best selling (mobile and tablets) along with iOS from Apple and clearly left the Blackberry’s, Nokia’s and Windows 7 mobile lose their ground.
2) Chrome os (Gentoo linux based), a new cloud based OS built from the popular Chrome browser platform and stated to release shortly as stated in Google I/O.

Interestingly you won’t find a chrome browser in Android its just named “Browser”. Both these platforms are open source projects. Since Android was acquired by Google has a separate team of engineers handling Chrome and Android, the another reason could be to avoid confusion of having Brand name as Chrome in every Browser also you can’t have fully fledged features of a desktop browser on a mobile or a tablet device. With more tablets, mobiles, netbooks to come in the following years Google seems to enjoy the market share it has got and also thanks to good support from hardware support from Acer, Sony, Samsung etc. Maybe they should consider naming it chrome mini for the mobile browser just as Opera did in past.

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