Amazon’s android tablets to cost $349 and $449 this holiday

There has been multiple rumors in the past about Amazon setting the stage for Android tablet after its launch of Android AppStore. Some reports even suggests that company will be launching two tablets before the holiday season and to add more fuel to the rumors in the recent Interview with consumer reports Jeff Bezos, CEO for Amazon when asked about the Android tablets, said “Stay Tuned”.

Today new leaks go one more step closer to the reality of Amazon tablets which suggests that the company is planning to launch 7-inch model of the android tablet priced at $349 and $449 for the 10-inch version. Silicon Valley analyst and president of Creative Strategies, Tim Bajarin, claims to have some inside information from his sources in Taipei. Tim says the devices will have a display similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Nook Color. He even says that the initial RFQ from Amazon was to have a hybrid screen which could switch between color and E-Ink like Display used in kindle, although such a screen is already in works but will not be ready before 2012, so Amazon may launch with Color display screen at this time.

Are you guys in for one of the Amazon Android tablet with a Amazon Android Appstore pre-installed on it?



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