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If you are a kind of person who share lot of links with your friends and family, Chrome web store has this awesome extension that allows Gmail users to quickly email links without you requiring to open your inbox and the clicking compose. You can download this extension from here. After installing this extension on Google Chrome, a mail icon would be available at the top right corner of the browser as shown on the right. send-this-link-gmail

Once the user clicks on the mail icon a Gmail Compose window will open with the webpage title populated in the subject field and the web page link in the message body section.

Now you can quickly share this link with your friends using Gmail. The other feature that is available as part of this extension is

  • Support for Google Apps Domain – If you are using Google Apps then you can enter the domain name to send emails with user name configured user in Google Apps.
  • Prefix for the Subject – This extension provides users with option for sending the email link by adding a prefix to the subject. For example if you want to have the subject as “Nice one” along with the web page title then you can enter required prefix in Send from Gmail options.


Above mentioned features can be accessed by navigating to Google Chrome Extension page at chrome://extensions/ and then the options link available in “Send from Gmail” extension.

Another additional advantage provided by this extension is any mailto link on any webpage when clicked while browsing the web will open a gmail compose window instead of your mail client on your computer.

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