Most Disliked Videos on YouTube [Infographic]

You all have seen lot of charts and graphics which depicts top video and even most liked videos. Now this one is cool, it shows the most disliked videos on YouTube. And the surprising fact was Justin Bieber who is a teenagers sensation and has been number one on their list is part of the most disliked videos as well.

Most disliked video list has 10 disliked videos of all time and 5 of them are Justin Bieber’s video including “Never Let you go” and Rebecca black who has recently gained popularity among teenagers has already received 86 million views with 1,72 million dislikes on “Friday

Checkout this nice inforgraphic created by to show the top 10 list of most disliked video on YouTube

Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

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  • Anonymous

    It is so interesting to see most of the top hated Youtube videos are music videos, and not surprising, almost all are from Justin Bieber. Regardless of the controversy, the sensationalism surrounding the legitimacy of these pop stars only goes to further propel them into superstardom. 

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