Is Amazon Already Selling iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 is a much desired phone right now, Although Apple has in past 2 years revealed the new iPhone during the WWDC which this year is planned for June 6, it is not 100% sure if the company will reveal the iPhone 5 during the conference. But as the keyword or search term iPhone 5 is hot so companies wants to encash on it.


iPhone 5 Ad by Amazon on Google

According to Google Adwords the keyword “iPhone 5″ has 1,830,000 glabal monthly search and the estimated CPC is not very expensive either, so Amazon may have chosen to get a little traffic with that and started advertising the iPhone accessories or old iPhone models using this keyword as when you click on the ad which states “Buy iPhone 5 at Amazon” it will take you to product listing of Amazon which lists old iPhone models and its accessories.

But is Apple fine with this kind of use of its unannounced product – Yes iPhone 5 is not yet Announced and none of its details are officially released. Apple may come and ask Google to remove this ad or they may even take it in a positive way and think this as getting free publicity of the product to be announced.

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