How To Schedule Emails in Gmail to Send Later or Specific Time

email-scheduling-gmailGmail is one of the best email service available for free. It give you so many features for free which includes creating Alias to fight spam, free phone calls around the country and cheap international calling. In past we also told you how you can backup all your emails, contacts from your gmail account, Now here is another great tip.

Boomerang is one great extension which can enable email scheduling, using the extension you can schedule email messages in Gmail to be sent after a specified amount of time automatically, you can also give a specific time when you need to send an email. Boomerang is available for Firefox and Chrome and you can install it from

Once you install the extension a new Send Later tab will appear on your Gmail interface. You can use it to schedule your email message to be sent later and yes if you are concerned about sharing your password with the extension, don’t worry Boomerang uses OAuth for authentication, which means that it doesn’t store anything from your email message. To schedule your email for a later time, it just stores the email header which contains the information such as subject, sender and the time. Then when it has to actually send an email, it uses OAuth to authenticate, and sends it from your Gmail account.

Check out this helpful video below which explains how to use this schedule your emails.

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