Amazon and Samsung Launching a tablet this Summer


Last September we reported about Amazon working on an Android Tablet which will be release this year. Today fresh reports are coming about the company definitely working on a tablet PC but it may or may not even be based on Android operating system given Google’s recent moves to tighten how OEMs can use Honeycomb – the tablet version of Android. Also if Amazon decides to use Android as the platform they may just use it as base and then totally customize it for their needs, which is what Barnes & Noble did for Nook eBook Reader.

Peter Rojas, founder of gdgt, also reports that he’s “99% certain” that Samsung is hard at work creating a tablet for Amazon and what he is not sure of at this time is the launch date of the tablet, although he is guessing it may be no later then Summer 2011 which is in next 5-6 months.

Amazon has recently emerged as big player in Android Market with launching of its Amazon Android App Store and Cloud music player, hence if the company prices this tablet at competitive prices which may be around $300 they can customize it to deliver all the offerings they have for Android and other platforms like music, Instant Videos, books, games, app store and even movie/episodes streaming which is presently available for free to Paid Amazon Prime customers.

Although there is no proof or confirmed official information yet about any of this information but by looking at all the evidences in past it looks like a possibility in near future.

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