AT&T Acquires T-Mobile US For $39 Billion

ATT-logo-tmobileFew days back we said T-Mobile US was up for sale and rumored contender was Sprint, things have taken a turn now and AT&T has announced that they are buying T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion.

The deal will add another 34 million subscribers to an existing 95 million users on AT&T. This will surely secure the top spot for the the company for next few years with Verizon presently having around 94 million subscriber.

Once the acquisition is completed which according to AT&T will take around 12 months, will lead to a more solid network for customers on AT&T as it will improve network quality, and bring advanced LTE capabilities to the subscribers. It will also increase the coverage for the subscribers of the new AT&T as some places which doesn’t have AT&T coverage will be covered by T-Mobile Infrastructure.

This acquisition can be not considered a done deal unless it is approved by the U.S. government as this deal leads to merger of both the top GSM companies in the country which may raise some anti-trust issues but if it goes through T-mobile users will at last get access to iPhone which they have been craving since years.

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