How to keep track of friends who leave you in Facebook?

unfriend finder on facebook

Facebook allows you to classify your friends by creating a list in the way you like to organize them, and very often you may not have a track of your friends who  unfriend you and Facebook doesn’t give a notification for friends who leave you and also friends whom you have requested add as a friend and still awaiting response from them or declined your request. Facebook might come with these features later, but as of now you can use chrome extension unfriend finder. Apart from Internet explorer Unfriend Finder is now compatible with 4 of the most used browsers Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Install the application and then restart your browser.

unfriend list on left sidebar

You can have  the list of friends who unfriend you along with friends who ignored your friends request. It’s often difficult to know who disappears, but now Unfriend Finder extension helps you.

friend request pending list

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