Google Chrome OS Pilot Launch in the US

Few days back Google finally announced the launch of it’s much awaited Chrome OS which it claims is designed to be an operating system that is built and optimized for the web/cloud. This time Google has adopted a different Strategy to launch the new OS. The company will be running a pilot program where test notebooks will be given to qualified users, developers, schools and businesses. Although this program is currently launched only within the U.S. but will expand to other countries gradually.


Here’s a brief look at some of the features to expect from Chrome OS.

  1. Instant Web Access
  2. Cloud Computing Technology
  3. Integrated Internet Connectivity
  4. Built-in Security
  5. Automatic Upgrades
  6. Access to Web Apps

If you wish to take a guided tour of what’s in store for you, check out the videos on the Google Chrome site. If you are in the U.S and wish to be a part of the pilot program, you can check out the details at Chrome notebook website.

Author: Eddie Gear is an Inbound Marketing Consultant from Chennai. He also writes about Google Apps, Microsoft Products, Web Apps, and other tools we use in everyday life.

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